Dato' Seri Ivan Teh
Managing Director
Fusionex, Malaysia

Title: Making the Most of Big Data


The benefits of conducting Big Data Analytics in an organization have been well documented. Consolidating a variety of structured and unstructured forms of data and then processing them to unearth useful information would do wonders for organizations in executing their long-term strategic plans. A sufficiently robust BDA platform could also provide real-time insights to increase efficiency in an organization’s day-to-day operations.

Due to the remarkable potential value that BDA could bring, organizations (both public and private), need to begin adopting such technologies which will enable them to make data-driven decisions.

This session on “Making the most of Big Data” aims to showcase the various ways in which Big Data can be applied to organizations across a multitude of industries. For example, the type, quantity, and complexity of data collected by a retail chain would differ from a bank, which would differ from an airline company. We will also present the latest in emerging BDA tech that organizations may utilize to increase accuracy in decision-making, maximize profits, and meet their goals in record time.


Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh is the Founder & Managing Director of Fusionex – a technology company, specializing in Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Fusionex has a market cap averaging 1 Billion Ringgit.

Dato’ Seri Ivan has over 17 years of experience in in the ICT industry. He is frequently invited to give talks, present his views and share insights in forums and events globally. Closer to home, Dato’ Seri Ivan has been invited by BFM, Bloomberg TV, the Edge, Astro, Ernst & Young, New Straits Times as well as the Star on a number of occasions to share his views and vision, especially on how technology can help businesses.

Prior to founding Fusionex, Dato’ Seri Ivan managed teams at HP, Intel and Accenture. He has led Fusionex to the creation of global award-winning software and solutions. Dato’ Seri Ivan is also the only ASEAN representative at the Global Business Intelligence Advisory Council where top leaders gather in the United States. Dato’ Seri Ivan is a highly respected leader in the information technology space and has a strong network of world-renowned partners and affiliates worldwide.

Among the awards and accolades accredited are the Global Business Intelligence & Analytics Awards, Big Data World Award, MSC Award, APICTA Award, PIKOM ICT Awards, SITF Awards, ASOCIO Top ICT Company Award, and Asia Pacific Analytics Award etc. Dato’ Seri Ivan has also been recently declared as the winner of the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur award, the Brandlaureate (Best of Brands) Great Entrepreneur ICON Leadership award, the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Young Entrepreneur Award, as well as the award for being Asia Pacific’s Most Outstanding Entrepreneur.