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Programme Profile

The Master of Information Systems (Intelligent Systems) programme is designed to produce graduates in the field of Intelligent Systems with high capability of designing and developing software products in the field of intelligent computing. Graduates will be exposed to advanced knowledge in the application of intelligent computing in the organization. The programme is expected to produce a competent workforce in solving real problems and become a leader in research in the field of intelligent computing technologies.

Programme Objective

The objectives of the programme are :

Admission Requirement

For international students :



IELTS with at least band 6

For bumiputeras students :

Bachelor of Science(Hons) Computer Science from UiTM or its equivalent from other university approved by UiTM with a minimum HPNG of 2.75;


Bachelor of Science(Hons) Computer Science OR any Bachelor from UiTM in related and appropriate area specialization OR any institution of higher education within and outside the country recognized by the Malaysian government with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.50 and have work experience of at least two (2) years in a related field;


Diploma in a related field from UiTM OR other universities recognized by Malaysian government AND at least 5 years working experience in a related field (selection will be made through interviews)

Mode & Duration

The program requires at least 3 semesters. Each semester includes 14 weeks and do not include the revision week and no final exam.

Plan of Study

Semester 1 Year 1
Advance Information Systems, Research Methods in Computing, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Decision Support Systems, Applied Knowledge-Based Systems.

Semester 2 Year 2
Neural Networks and Applications, Seminar in Applied Intelligent Systems, Optimization with Natured-Inspired Computing, Shaping Information System Project, Agent Technology.

Semester 3 Year 2
Computing Project, Elective I, Elective II

Elective Courses
Applied Data Mining, Intelligent Security Informatics, ICT Economics, Enterprise System Engineering, Advanced Signal processing , Advanced Data Networks , Image and Video Coding.

Programme Structures


27 credit hours


9 credit hours


6 credit hours


42 credit hours

Suitable Candidates

Any computer-related or engineering or science-related undergraduates who wish to enhance their knowledge and analytical skills in intelligent computing for their career advancements

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Earning a degree in this program will boost your employability together with providing a route for intelligent software developer with advance knowledge and valuable skills. Graduates in this master degree are able to fill job designations such as: Business Information Technology Analyst, Business Development Manager, Data Processing Manager, Data/System Analyst, Data Scientist, Intelligent Systems Engineer as well as Executive in Business Development