Actuarial Science


Welcome to the Department of Actuarial Science at the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FSKM), Universiti Teknologi MARA. The department is consisting of 18 academicians with 1 degree holder, 15 Masters and 2 with Phd. It offers undergraduate course, the BSc. (Hon) in Actuarial Science and Diploma in Actuarial Science while at the postgraduate level, it offers Phd in Actuarial Science and MSc. Actuarial Science.

Through its teaching commitment, comprehensive syllabus and with an emphasis of real-life case studies students will be equipped with the latest knowledge that enable them to solve important actuarial problems and embarking career in a multidisciplinary areas such as insurance, government, commerce, industry and academic researchers.
n addition, the faculty members have work on many projects through their active R & D involvement in various field and collaborative groups with other universities as well as the industries. Among the Research Interest Group (RIG) specializations are Life Contingency, Health Care Modelling, Actuarial Management, and Financial Risk.





Research Interest Group (RIG)

Life Contingency
Leader : Sharifah Nazatul Shima Syed Mohamed Shahruddin
Members : Prof. Madya Siti Aesah Khalidon
Norazliani Md Lasam
Mohd Nazrul Mohd Amin
Zahrul Azmir ABSL Kamarul Adshar


Health Care Modelling
Leader : Syazreen Niza Bt Shair
Members : Prof. Madya Azizah Murad
Arwin Idham Mohamad
Aida Yuzi Yusof
Shamshimah Samsuddin


Actuarial Management
Leader : Mohd Nazrul Mohd Amin
Members : Md Said Ibrahim
Prof. Madya Mohd Hanafi Tumin
Noraini Manan
Saiful Azril Ishak


Financial Risk
Leader : Norazliani Md Lazam
Members : Dr. Fauziah Hanim Tafri
Sharifah Nazatul Shima Syed Mohamed Shahruddin
Zahrul Azmir ABSL Kamarul Adzhar
Muhamad Azri Mohd


Project Leader





Amount (RM)

Syazreen Niza Shair


Measurement of Equity and Efficiency Level Of National Care Financing System

Dana Kecemerlangan (RIF)



Zahrul Azmir Absl Kamarul Adzhar


New Mortality Table fo Life Expectancy of Civil Servant Pensiner In Malaysia According to Groups Of Service Classification

Dana Kecemerlangan (RIF)



Mohd Nazrul Mohd Amin

Shamshimah Samsuddin, Norazliani Md Lazam

Theory of Stock Prices: Reaction to News in Construction Industry

Dana Kecemerlangan (RIF)



Noraini Manan

Arwin Idham Mohammad, Muhammad Azri Mohd

Modification of the Malaysian No-claim Discount system using Markov Chains approach

Dana Kecemerlangan (RIF)



Exemption from Professional Exams

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries UK is the UK's only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing and regulating actuaries based both in the UK and internationally. They represent and regulate their members for the benefit of the outside world and oversee the education at all stages of qualification and development throughout their careers. As a professional body they work with employers to encourage and develop their actuarial employees to better themselves, the employer and the financial sector.

To become a qualified actuary, student needs to take professional examination from IFoA. There are
4 levels of examinations that need to be completed by the student:

The IFoA also provides exemptions from some of the professional papers for university. Therefore, following up with the meeting with IFoA last year, PPSA has submitted an application for Exemption Recognition Agreement for two subjects which:

As a result, we have been granted with exemptions from CT1 and CT3 given that we have mutual agreement between an Independent Examiner (IFoA representative) who will liaise with us on our content of examination papers, the examination marks for accreditation and the list of students to be recommended for exemptions.

List of universities with exemptions:

Link UiTM in Actuaries UK Website: