Computer Technology and Networking (CTN)


Welcome to the Department of Computer Technology and Networking (CTN), at the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA. The department, albeit a small one consisting of 25 academicians (including 2 on study leave) currently offers 2 BSc programs as well as MSc and PhD degrees both full time and part time. Its Bachelor’s degree (BSc) program is two-pronged; one offering the BSc (Hons) Data Communication and Networking while the other is BSc (Hons) Netcentric Computing. These programs are aimed at generating industry standard graduates, able to compete in the current hectic jobmarket. Currently, the department members are also actively participating in various areas of research including Open Source Software, Communication Technologies and Applications as well as Network Management. It is hoped that the deparment would be able to competitively contribute to the university’s mission in providing high quality education as well as and making FSKM the number one faculty in producing knowledgeable and competent graduates in order to fullfill the aspirations of the nation's development.



Research Interest Group (RIG)

Wireless Sensor and Mobile Adhoc Network Research Group (WiSeMAN)
Leader : Dr Kamaruddin Mamat
Members: Dr Zolidah Kasiran
Dr Mohd Izani Mohamed Rawi
Dr Mohamad Yusof Darus
Nurshahrily Idura Ramli
Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Basit
Abdul Hamid Othman


Cyber Security & Digital Forensics
Leader : Dr. Fakariah Hani Mohd Ali
Members: Prof. Dr Mazani Manaf
Ass. Prof. Dr Kamarularifin Abd Jalil
Pn.Norkhushaini Awang
Pn.Rozita Yunus
Pn. SIti Arpah Ahmad
En.Adzhar Abd Kadir




Research Grants

Research Grants

Project Leader Members Research Title Grants Year Amount (RM)
Dr Norshahniza Kamal Bashah Ass. Prof. Dr Kamarularifin Abd Jalil
En Adzhar Abd Kadir
The Development Of A New Mechanism For Embedding The Arabic Characters Into Qr Code RIF (UiTM) 2012 32,000
Dr Norshahniza Kamal Bashah Prof  Dr Mazani Manaf
Dr Kamaruddin Mamat
A Fast Lightweight Reshuffle (Rs) Algorithm For Optimizing Mobile Security Resources FRGS (KPT) 2014 80,600
Dr Kamaruddin Mamat   Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Lifetime Maximization with Hybrid ARQ (HARQ) and Kalman Filter based Adaptive On Demand Transmission (AODTPC) FRGS (KPT) 2015 193,000
Prof. Dr Mazani Manaf Ass. Prof. Dr Kamarularifin Abd Jalil
Dr Fakariah Hani Mohd. Ali
A New Anonymous Authentication Mechanism for Data Provenance in Cloud Environment FRGS (KPT) 2016 74,200
Prof. Dr Mazani Manaf Ass. Prof Dr Kamarulaifin Abd Jalil
Ass. Prof Jamaludin Md Yusof
An Enhanced Trust Model for Data Provenance in Cloud Environment LESTARI (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Dr Zolidah Kasiran Ass. Prof. Dr Kamarularifin Abd Jalil
Dr Mohamad Yusof Darus
Mobility-aware Based Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm FRGS (KPT) 2016 61,200
Ass. Prof. Dr Kamarularifin Abd Jalil En Adzhar Abd Kadir Preserving User Privacy With Anonymous Authentication in Cloud Computing LESTARI (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Dr.Fakariah Hani Mohd Ali Pn.Norkhushaini Awang
Pn.Noor Ashitah Abu Othman
Polymorhic Virus Mutation Engine Detection Model LESTARI (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Nurshahrily Idura Ramli Dr Mohd Izani Mohamed Rawi IOT Networking Kit For Data Communication and Networking and Netcentric Computing Programs ARAS (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Mohd Faisal bin Ibrahim Rosanita binti Adnan A Modified Naive String Matching Algorithm for Solving Cloud-Based Device Capabilities Issues LESTARI (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Rosanita binti Adnan Mohd Faisal bin Ibrahim
Project Based Learning in Computer Networking: Investigating Students’ Perceived Satisfaction Based on Technology Factors, Student Computer Self-Efficacy and Teaching Skills
ARAS (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Basit Prof Dr Mazani Manaf A Development and Formal Verification of Swarm Robotics Algorithm for A rescue Mission Behaviour LESTARI (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Norkhushaini Awang Ruhaila Maskat A Multi-Agent Based Security Framework for Securing Password Management Application iRAGS (UiTM) 2016 20,000
Dr. Mohamad Yusof Darus Rozita Yunus Development of Self-Management Online Module System for UiTM Students ARAS (UiTM) 2016 20,000