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Programme Profile

The Master of Computer Science in Language Computing Technology is mixed-mode programme (coursework plus dissertation) that offered on a full-time and part-time basis in order to accommodate both working professionals and fresh graduates. This program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals concepts and the ideas of computers ability to recognize, understand, interpretation, written, spoken, produce and imitate human languages. It develops an in-depth understanding of both the algorithms available for the processing of linguistic information and the underlying computational properties of natural languages. This program simplifies and improves computer-man communication and generally supports communication between people. From a cognitive perspective the study of language computing technology aims at comprehending the framework and ingredients of an effortless man-computer communication, preferably as effortless as man-man communication.

Programme Objective

To produce graduates who are able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive and thorough understanding of language computing concepts.
  • Apply advanced statistical knowledge in relevant areas.
  • Identify and formulate problems in a given situation of greater complexity.
  • Communicate ideas effectively in written and oral form.
  • Work in a team on projects.
  • Practice ethical standards in professional work.
  • Manage information in decision-making for life-long learning.
  • Apply managerial or entrepreneurship skills.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills.

Admission Requirement

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) or its equivalence from UiTM with CGPA of at least 2.75, OR

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) or its equivalence from any local or foreign universities with CGPA of at least 2.75 or its equivalence, OR

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) or its equivalence from any local or foreign universities with CGPA of at least 2.50 and working experience of at least 2 years in a related field.

Mode & Duration

Full Time : 3-4 Semesters
Part Time : 4-8 Semesters

Classes are conducted on Saturday and Sunday.

Plan of Study

All students are required to take the following courses:

Semester 1 Year 1
Research Methods in Computing, Speech Recognition Technology, Natural language Processing and Philosophy of Computer Science

Semester 2 Year 1
Research Proposal, Storage and retrieval algorithms and Computational Semantics

Semester 3 Year 2
Dissertation in Language Computing Technology

Programme Structures

Core courses : 19 credit hours
Dissertation : 21 credit hours
Total credit hours : 40 credit hours

Suitable Candidates

Fresh graduates, researchers, professionals and executives who wish to enhance their analytical skills in decision making that are relevant for their career advancements in the public and corporate sectors.

Career Opportunities

The qualified graduates have a wide range of opportunities in industry and public sectors such as: • Speech processing and recognition system development • Machine learning and translation system • Semantic web search engine developer • E-Learning • Spoken language applications • Text understanding and Summarization system• Question answering and Cross-linguistic information retrieval system administrator.