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Programme Profile

The Doctor of Philosophy programme is entirely research-based. It provides comprehensive training in a particular subject area through authentic exploration and experimentation, culminating in the preparation of a thesis of the research undertaken.

Submission of a thesis that demonstrates the candidate's capacity of independent advanced research to the satisfaction of the faculty is a requirement of the PhD. The thesis must be first approved by Thesis Examiner Committee consisting of an internal examiner and at least two external examiners.

Upon recommendation to the Senate of UiTM by the faculty and the Institute of Graduate Studies, the degree of PhD is conferred on candidates who have demonstrated substantial scholarship, high attainment in a particular field of knowledge, and an ability to do independent investigation and presentation results of their research.

Admission Requirements

Master degree from UiTM in the area of specialization to be pursued.


Master degree from other universities or any equivalent qualification from an institution approved by UiTM.

A candidate applying for admission into this programme is required to submit a research proposal to the faculty. The acceptance of a candidate shall be at the discretion of the UiTM senate, whose decision shall be final.

Mode & Duration

Full Time : 3-5 years, 6 semesters - 10 semesters
Part Time : 3-6 years, 6 semesters - 12 semesters

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will have an opportunity to be research scientists, research consultants, software specialists, managers or academicians in the government and private sectors.