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Programme Objective

This programme has the following objective:

  • To produce semiprofessionals in mathematics with the ability to apply fundamental mathematical knowledge for lifelong learning.
  • To produce semiprofessionals in mathematics with the ability to apply basic tools and ICT to organize and solve mathematically related problems.
  • To produce semiprofessionals in mathematics with positive mindset and behavior in accordance to ethical standards and practices.
  • To produce semiprofessionals in mathematics with effective interpersonal and communicative abilities.
  • To produce semiprofessionals in mathematics who are team players with good leadership qualities and sufficient entrepreneurship knowledge.

Admission Requirement

Candidates must fulfill the UNIVERSITY GENERAL REQUIREMENTS and:

1. Passed SPM or its equivalent qualifications (recognized by the Government of Malaysia) with credits in the following subjects:

  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Mathematics
  • Two (2) subjects including Additional Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Additional Science / Science / Information and Communication Technology / Fundamentals of Programming / Programming & Development Tools
  • English
  • AND
  • a pass in History (applicable for SPM 2013 onwards)

2. Passed Pre-Diploma Science (PD008) from UiTM

Career Opportunities

Diploma holders in mathematics can be employed as research assistants, teachers or officers in financing, manufacturing, banking, marketing, management, education, etc. They can also further their studies at the undergraduate level.


Plan of Study

Semester 1 Year 1

Foundations of Geometry, Pre Calculus, Basic Statistics, Fundamental of Islam, Integrated Language Skills I, Co-Curriculum I

Semester 2 Year 1

Calculus I, Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving, Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting, Islamic Thought and Civilization, Integrated Language Skills II: Reading, Principle of Economics, Co-Curriculum II

Semester 3 Year 2

Mathematical Logic and Proving Techniques, Calculus II, Probability and Statistics, Science and Technology in Islam, Integrated Language Skill III: Writing, Co-Curriculum III

Semester 4 Year 2

Linear Algebra I, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Fundamentals of Management, Introduction to Mechanics, Elective I,  Elective II

Semester 5 Year 3

Introduction to Operations Research, Fundamentals of Finance, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Ordinary Differential Equations, Elective III, Elective IV