Rogayah Abdul Majid (Dr.)

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  Academic Position  

Senior Lecturer



PhD (IT) UiTM, 2016
MSc (IT) UiTM, 2001
BSc (IT) UiTM, 1997
Dip (Comp Science), UiTM, 1994



Current teaching and Administrative Responsibilities


OBE Comittee For Center of Information Technology Studies

Treasurer For Center of Information Technology Studies

Programme Chair for Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) - CS240

Internship Coordinator for Computing Sciences

  Previous Employment  


Ericsson Malaysia


  Conference and Training  

5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST) 2015

3rd International Conference on User Science and Engineering (i-USEr) 2014

International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information technology, Culture and Human (ICIS) 2009

International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT) 2010

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET) 2012

NVivo 10 Training (2013)


  Research and Publication

The Effectiveness of Frog VLE Implementation: Student Perspectives (2019)

Adaptive Web-Based Learning Courseware for Students with Dyscalculia (2018)

An Assessment Tool for Measuring Human Centered Design Adoption in Software Development Process (Springer) (2018)

User Experience on XD Theatre: Body Gestures and Postures of Deaf and Normal Children (IEEE Xplore) (2017)

Usability Evaluation of Academic Record Sysytem at The International Islamic College (IIC) (2015)

An Evaluation on The Usability of E-Commerce Website using Think Aloud Method (2014)

The Role of Social Media in Supporting Elderly Quality Daily Life (2014)

Strengthening The HCI Appeoaches in Software Development Process (2012)

Users' Frustration And HCI in Software Development Life Cycle (IJIPM 2011)

A Survey on User Involvement in Software Development Life Cycle From Practitioner's Perspectives (2010)

An Evaluation of B2B Electronic Commerce marketplaces (2008)







Human Centered Software Engineering (HCSE)


Strategic Planning






Panel for Information Technology (IT) Creative Competition at Komuniti College Selayang