Statistics & Decision Sciences


Welcome to the Centre of Statistical and Decision Science Studies (PPSSP) at the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FSKM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam. The centre (or department) is well known as the very first statistics programmes offered in Malaysia starting with its Institute of Statisticians (UK) in 1966, Diploma in Statistics in 1974, and Advanced Diploma in Statistics in 1980. It has expanded throughout the years and at present the centre (Shah Alam Campus) consists of 34 academicians with 16 PhDs and 18 Masters.

PPSSP offers two undergraduate programmes; BSc. (Hons) in Statistics (CS241) with Big Data track and Diploma in Statistics (CS111). For the postgraduate, six programmes are offered under two modes of study; by coursework – Master of Quantitative Sciences (CS771) and Master of Science in Applied Statistics (CS702)with Data Science track, and by research – Master of Science in Statistics (CS753), Master of Science in Decision Science (CS754), Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics (CS953) and Doctor of Philosophy in Decision Science (CS954). It aims to prepare students with statistical education and research in multi-diverse disciplines, consequently creating professional data analysts and statisticians that are sought after at all level of industries and academics.

BSc. (Hons) in Statistics (CS241) is currently offered at three different UiTM campuses (Shah Alam, Kota Bharu and Seremban 3), and Diploma in Statistics (CS111) is also offered at three different UiTM campuses (Tapah, Raub and Machang). All postgraduate programmes (coursework and research) are offered only at the faculty (Shah Alam main campus).

The department members are actively involved in a wide range of research areas, as well as consultancies, at both national and international levels. This has become the prominent agenda of the department, to become the key contact point for consultative advice by local, national and regional users of statistical methodologies.