Actuarial Science


Welcome to the Department of Actuarial Science at the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FSKM), Universiti Teknologi MARA. The department is consisting of 18 academicians with 1 degree holder, 15 Masters and 2 with Phd. It offers undergraduate course, the BSc. (Hon) in Actuarial Science and Diploma in Actuarial Science while at the postgraduate level, it offers Phd in Actuarial Science and MSc. Actuarial Science.

Through its teaching commitment, comprehensive syllabus and with an emphasis of real-life case studies students will be equipped with the latest knowledge that enable them to solve important actuarial problems and embarking career in a multidisciplinary areas such as insurance, government, commerce, industry and academic researchers.
n addition, the faculty members have work on many projects through their active R & D involvement in various field and collaborative groups with other universities as well as the industries. Among the Research Interest Group (RIG) specializations are Life Contingency, Health Care Modelling, Actuarial Management, and Financial Risk.