Rozita Yunos

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  Location TB-27
  Academic Position Lecturer
  • MSc in Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • BSc (Hons) (Information Technology), Institut Teknologi MARA
  • Diploma in Computer Science, Institut Teknologi MARA
  Working Experience
  • Coordinator Computer Technology and Networking (Sep 2011 - present)
  • Program Head CS231 (Jul 2010 - Jun 2011)
  • Lecturer (Jan 2004 - present)
  • Systems Analysi (Nov 1997 - Jan 2004)
  • Programmer (June 1991 - Dec 1995)
  Research Interest
  • Network Management
  • Open Source Technology
  • Security
  • Network Forensic
  Courses Taught
  • Business Data Network and Telecommunication (ITT730)
  • Management Information Systems (CSC208)
  • Telecommunication and Networking Project Formulation (ITT560)
  • Network and Systems Administration (ITT540)
  • Computers and Information Processing (CSC134)
  • Switching Technologies (ITT552)
  • Network Design and Management (ITT550)
  • Communication Networks and Protocols (ITT541)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP201) – students of Diploma Eksekutif Teknologi Sistem & Komunikasi (Networking), SPACE UTM.
  • Network Security (NS201) - students of Diploma Eksekutif Teknologi Sistem & Komunikasi (Networking), SPACE UTM.
  • ICT Management (EICT101) – student of Professional Diploma in Business Administration (InED, UiTM)
  • Design and Implementation of a Low Cost Wireless Mesh Network – leader (2009-2012), Dana Kecemerlangan (KCM)
  • The Effectiveness of Using Network Modeling and Simulation Tools in Evaluating Students’ Performance – member (2005 –2006) – Dana FRGS
  • Saidi, R.M. Ahmad, S.A. ; Noor, N.M. ; Yunos, R.” Windows registry analysis for forensic investigation”, International Conference on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (TAEECE), 2013 Page(s) 132 – 136 (ISBN: 978-1-4673-5612-1)
  • Ali, F.H.M., Yunos, R. ; Alias, M.A.M, “Simple port knocking method: Against TCP replay attack and port scanning”, International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and Digital Forensic (CyberSec), 2012, Page(s) 247 – 252 (ISBN: 978-1-4673-1425-1)
  • Hasliza Sofian, Raihana Md Saidi, Rozita Yunos, Siti Arpah Ahmad. “Analyzing Server Response Time Using Testing Power Web Stress Tool”, The 2010 Conference on Scientific and Social Science Research
  • Nor Azimah Khalid, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, Rozita Yunos. “Measuring Students' Intention in Using Network Simulation Tools for Problem-based Learning using TAM”, 2nd International Conference on Electronic Computer Technology (ICECT2010) Page(s) 153 - 156, ISBN: 978-1-4244-7405-9)
  • Rozita Yunos, Noor Hayati Mohammed Noor, Siti Arpah Ahmad. “Performance Evaluation between IPv4 and IPv6 on MPLS Linux Platform”, International Conference on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management 2010 (CAMP’10) Page(s) 203-207 (ISBN:978-1-4244-5651-2)
  • Noor Hayati Mohammed Noor, Siti Arpah Ahmad, Rozita Yunos “Buffer Overflow Analysis on OpenOffice” International Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems. Page(s) 684-687 (ISDN: 967-5080-75-3)
  • Course Syllabus & Lecture Notes for ICT Management (EICT101) (2005) InED, UiTM
  • Course Syllabus & Lecture Notes for Network Security (NS201) (2008) SPACE UTM
  • Course Syllabus & Lecture Notes for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP201) (2009) SPACE UTM
  • UiTM Excellence Award 2010
  • IID2008 - Bronze medal
  • Member of Jawatankuasa Teknikal Pelupusan Komputer UiTM (2003 – now)
  Project Supervision MSc Level:
  • Performance Comparison of Random Early Detection and Droptail for Contant Bit Rate Traffic Over TCP and UDP (2008) – by Eviyanti Saari, CS778
BSc Level:
  • Securing Web Applications Using Java Authentication and Authorization Services (May 2009) – by Mohd Fardi Hisham bin Omar, CS225
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Keylogging Tools (May 2009 – by Siti Syazwani bt Sazali, CS225.
  • Implementation of Security in Image Verification (May 2009 – by Ahmad Sidqi bin M. Razali, CS225.
  • Test and Quizzes Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology (Nov 2008) – by Mohd Norhanas bin Badri, CS220.
  • Mobile Instant Messaging System Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology (Nov 2008) – by Fatin Hamamah bt Mohd Fadzil, CS220.
  • Wireless Mesh Network (AP Based) (Nov 2008) – by Mohd Hasrul Hakimi bin Jusoh, CS225.
  • Performance Evaluation of Wireless Mesh Network (PC-Based) (Nov 2008) – by Norizuandi bin Ibrahim, CS225.
  • Mobile Learning Implementation: Supportive Staff Perception (May 2008) – by Siti Mariam bt Abd Rahim, CS224.
  • Students’ Perception Towards Mobile Learning (May 2008) – by Izatul Ashikin bt Jabar, CS224.
  • Readiness of Mobile Learning (M-Learning) Adoption Among Lecturers in IPTA/IPTS in Klang Valley (May 2008) – by Shahiza bt Mohd Omar, CS224.
  • Web-Based System for Allocation and Reservation of FTMS Facility via SMS (May 2008) – by Mohd Fadli bin Saidin, CS225.
  • Design and Development of Stungun (Nov 2007) – by Nadia bt Abbas, CS225
  • Static Port Knocking System Implementation (May 2007) – by Rosmalissa bt Jusoh, CS225
  • Clustering in Hybrid Environment (May 2006) – by Imran Edzereiq bin Kamarudin, CS225
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Between IPv4 and IPv6 on MPLS Linux Platform (May 2006) – by Nor Asyikin bt Abu Bakar, CS225.
  • Design and Deployment of Wireless Mesh Network (Nov 2005) – by Mohd Ruslan Wagiman, CS225.
  • Wireless Roaming in UiTM Environment (Nov 2005) – by Mohd Nazim, CS225.
  • Configuring IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnels Using Static Point-to-Point Tunnels (Oct 2004) – by Mohd Izhar bin Ali, CS225.
  • A Study of Firewall on IPv6 (Oct 2004) – by Muhammad Anis Rizal bin Mustaffa Kamal, CS225.