Shapina Bt Hj Abdullah

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  Academic Position Lecturer    
  • MSc. Information Technology UiTM (2004)
  • BSc(Hons). IT (Computing Industrial) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1998)
  Working Experience
  • Senior Lecturer - Universiti Teknologi MARA (2011-Present)
  • Lecturer - Universiti Teknologi MARA (2005 - 2011)
  • Senior Network Engineer - Telekom Cellular Sdn Bhd (1998 - 2003)
  • Senior Network Engineer - Celcom (M) Berhad (2003-2004)
  Research Interest
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Network
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  Courses Taught
  • Data Communication and Networking (ITT460)
  • Digital Electronic (ITT270/370)
  • Data Communication Essential (ITT459)
  • Introduction to Data Communication and Networking (ITT300)
  • Routing Protocol and Concept (ITT562)
  • LAN Switching and Wireless Technologies (ITT563)
  • Network Design and Management (ITT550)
  Professional Membership
  • Cisco Certified Network Administration (CCNA) -( Valid through Feb,2016)
  Research Experience
  • Comparison Of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Againts Honeypot [2006-2008]
  • An Analysis Towardd Tye Optimum Model For Lube Blending Automation System [2009-2011]
  • A Preliminary Study Towards Quality Assurance Compliance Indicators On I-Learn Portal Usage [2009-2012]
  • Assessing The Level Of Ict Knowledge In Medical Education At UITM [2009-20012]
  • Implementation Of Web-Based Application System Support Network At E-Mage For The Advocacy Of Social Entrepreneurship [2012-2014]
  • Nor Adora Endut, Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah, Shapina Abdullah, Abdul Hamid Osman And Che Asniza Othman. 2013. Rekabentuk Ontologi Inovasi Di E-Mage Bagi Keusahawanan Sosial. Proceedings Of The Konferens Kebangsaan Pertama Program Pemindahan Ilmu.
  • Siti Rahayu Abdul Aziz, Nor Adora Endut, Shapina Abdullah And Mior Norazman Mior Daud. 2009. Performance Evaluation Of AODV And DYMO Routing Protocol Inmmanet. Proceedings Of The Conference On Scientific And Social Research. (CSSR 2009). ISBN:978-967-305-313-1
  • Nik Mariza Nik Abdull Malik, Saadiah Yahya, Shapina Abdullah. 2008. Investigating Comparitive Values Between Intrusion Detection System (IDS) And Honeypot. Proceedings Of The International Conference On Science & Technology: Applications In Industry & Education. (ICST 2008)
  • Nor Adora Endut, Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah And Shapina Abdullah.2006. Crital Success Factors Of Edge Implementation In DIGI Telecommunications. Procedings Of The International Conference On Business It. (BIZIT 2006)
  • Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah, Nor Adora Endut, And Shapina Abdullah.2006. Speech Quality Analysis In Cellular Network. Procedings Of The International Conference On Business It. (BIZIT 2006)
  • Gold Medal in Inventions, Innovation and Design 09, UiTM , for the project entitled "E-Content Development System for i-Learn User"(IID09)
  • Silever Medal in International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2010, for the project entitled 'The Exploitation of Shareable Object Content Reference Model (SCORM) In E-Content Development". IITEX 2010
  • Silver Medal in Inventions, Innovation and Design 09, UiTM, for the project entitled "Cafe' Outlet Ordering Management System (Cafe' Ooms" (IID09)
  Professional and Community Activities
  • I-Hack Competition 2012, Secretariate Advisor [2010, 2011, 2013]
  • Development of Program Master of Science Information Security and Digital Forensic Committee [2013]
  • Kolokium Siswazah Sains Komputer & Matematik Committee(SiSKOM 2013)
  • Development of Program Bachelor of Computer Science Information and Network Security Committee [2012]
  • Academic Advisor for undergradute students –present
  • Jualan Amal CTN Committee [2013]
  • ISO/OBE Committee [2005 -2012]
  • Timetable Committee [2008-2009]
  • Examinition Committee [2009-2012]
  • Industrial Training Coordinator for CS225 Program [2009-2011]
  • NETs CLUB Advisor [2009-2012]
  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Supervision
  • Usage of Computer and Communication Technologies for Telecommunication in Malaysia. Mohd Soffiyan Ihsan. [MscIT 2006]
  • Evaluate Voice Quality For Voice Over Internet Protocol. Khairul Eswandy B. Eshak. [MscIT 2006]
  • Smart Hypermarket System [2012]
  • 1-Kata Mobile Game Application [2012]
  • Mobility Aid For Blind [2012]
  • Food And Beverage Portal [2013]
  • Disable Monitoring System Using Rfid [2013]
  • Student Portal On Ios Device For Part Time Students [2013]
  • Doorbell Security System [2013]
  Professional Certification Training
  • CCNA Instructor Certified Training
  • CCNP Instructor Certified Training
  • CCNA Security Training
  • Huawei Ttt Data Communication