Haslizatul Fairuz Mohamed Hanum

  Phone 03-55211157

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  Location  T1-33 (Computing Sciences - CS2 Block)
  Academic Position  Senior Lecturer

 MSc. Computer Science (Distributed Computing), Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2002.
 BSc. Computer Science, Kentucky University, USA. 1998.

  Professional Academic Experience

Professional Technologies (ICT) (since May 2018)
Coordinator of Computer Studies, FSKM, UiTM (2007-2008)
Contract Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi MARA, (June 1999- Nov 2000)
Contract Staff, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KL (1999)

  Research Interest

Summarization of Malay Texts (Bestari-UiTM Grant, RM20,000) 2018-2020.
Understanding the speech structure through the intonation contour (Lestari-UiTM Grant, RM20,000) Completed 2018.
Speech Summarization using Extractive Speech method (FRGS, RM61,000) Completed 2013.
Spoken Document Retrieval (SDR) System, (E-Science Grant, RM101,000) Completed 2012.
Assessing Critical Thinking Amongst Computer Science Students in UiTM, (UiTM Grant/ IRDC RM2K) Completed 2005.
Development of Instrument for Measuring Learning Attitudes Towards Computer Programming (Self Funded/ IRDC) Completed 2007.

  Courses Taught

Computer Organization and Architecture 
Programming for Data Science
Parallel Processing
Introduction to Computer Programming
Fundamental of Computer Sciences

  Professional Activities

IEEE Malaysia Chapter (since 2017)
Member of Speech Prosody Research Community (SProSIG)
Member of Malaysia IT Society (MITS) (since 2009)
Member of UiTM Special Interest Group, CSEACT (2003 - 2011)
Member of UiTM Special Interest Group, MuDIR (2012 - present) Information Retrieval (2009 - 2011)
Chairman of the Organizing Committee for UiTM Programming Competition (PROMeD 2006)
Facilitator for Selangor's k-Community Year Celebration, 2004
Member of IEEE Women Engineers (1998)


Ernie, Haslizatul Fairuz Md Hanum, Norizan, Norzehan, Suzana, Ros Surya, Shelly, Cashman, Vermaat, (2010) Introduction to Microsoft Office 2003, Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd. ISBN-13:978-981-4281-43-0.

Journal and Proceeding:

Haslizatul Fairuz MH, Noor Latiffah Adam, Abdul Rahman Gobil, Development of Critical Thinking Test for Assessing Problem Solving Skills in Introductory Programming Course (Abstract), Pusat Penerbitan Universiti (UPENA) UiTM, CSSR 2006/2007.

Haslizatul Fairuz MH, Nor Zulihaz Zulkiffli, Mathematics Problem Solving Assessment Test (Proceeding), International Conference on E-Learning (UiCEL )2007.

Nurazian MD, Suzana B, Haslizatul FMH, Ismassabah I. Development of Instrument for Measuring Learning Attitudes Towards Computer Programming, Persidangan Kebangsaan Sains Pengaturcaraan (ATUR), UKM 2007.

Abdul Rahman Gobil, Haslizatul Fairuz Mohamed Hanum, Noor Latiffah Adam, Problem Solving Assessment Test: Development Process, National Conference on Computer Science and Networking (CSTeN), Pusat Penerbitan Universiti (UPENA), UiTM 2005, ISBN 967-958-211-6.

  Scholarship / Awards
  • Silver Medal, IIDEX UiTM 2016, IID UiTM 2015
  • Full Scholarship for PhD Computational Linguistics, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) 2011-2014
  • Full Scholarship Young Lecturers Scheme (TPM) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for MSc. Computer Science, Nov 2000 - March 2002.
  • Excellence Service Award, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) 2006.
  • Malaysian Government Scholarship (RB) for American Degree Program (ADP), BSc. Computer Science, June 2006 – Dec 2008.