Wan Eny Zarina Wan Abdul Rahman (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Wan Eny Zarina Wan Abdul Rahman
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  Location U2-72
  Academic Position Assoc. Prof.
  • PhD, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2006
  • MSc (Math) Newcastle Upontyne, UK, 1993
  • BSc (Kep) (Matematik) UM, 1984
  Paper Presented
  • Simulasi Punca Arus bagi Penyakit Sawan, Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik 9. UKM, 18-20 Julai, 2001
  • Simulating the Neuronal Current Sources of the Brain, KL International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2002
  • Simulasi Punca Arus bagi Menyelesaikan Masalah Songsangan Neuromagnetik, Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik10. UTM, 23-24 Disember, 2002
  • Determining the Number of Current Sources of Magnetoencephalography by using a Fuzzy Clustering Technique, International Conf. on Robotics, Vision, Information and Signal Processing (ROVISP 2003). USM, 22-24 January, 2003
  • A Unified Approach in Inverse Problems, International Conference on Advancement in Science and Technology (iCAST 2003). UIA, 5-7 August, 2003
  • Penentuan Bilangan dan Orientasi bagi Arus Model FTTM, Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik 11. UMS, 22-24 Disember, 2003
  • Automated Seed-Based Region Growing for Detecting the Number of Current Sources, Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik 12. UIA, 22-24 Disember 2004
  • Fuzzy Topographic Topological Mapping Version 2 (FTTM2) for Multiple Current Sources, Simposium Sains Matematik. UTM, 2004.
  • Determining the Location of Current Sources by Using Fuzzy Topographic Topological Mapping International Conference on Science & Technology. UiTM Penang, 8-9 Dec 2006
  • Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran menggunakan Matlet Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik15. UiTM, 5-7 Jun 2007
  • A Pilot Study in Image Enhancement in Computed Radiography Mammogram Images using Histogram Stretching Method KL International Conference on Biomedical Imaging. UM, Jun 2008
  • Post Processing of Breast Phantom MRI-156 Images using Snake Algorithms International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging & Visualisation. USM, Aug 26 – 28, 2008
  • Seed Point Selection for Seed Based Region Growing in Segmenting Microcalcificatuions." International Conference on Statistics in Science, Business and Engineering (ICSSBE 2012). 10-12 September 2012 {IEEE}.
  • Masses Characterization Based on Angular Margin Measurement." 2012 Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation (CIMSIM 2012) 25-27 September 2012; 266-269 {IEEE}.
  • Boundary Segmentation of Microcalcification using Parametric Active Contours." International Conference on Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Science and Engineering (ICMCSSE 2012). 27-28 August 2012; 68, 1548-1552. {ERA, EI}
  • Comparison Between ED Snake and SBRG in Segmenting Microcalcificatons."International Conference on Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Science and Engineering (ICMCSSE 2012). 27-28 August 2012; 68, 1548-1552. {ERA, EI}


  Publication Book:
  • Ensaiklopedia Sains dan Teknologi. DBP dan UTM, 2006
  • Homeomorphisms of Fuzzy Topographic Topological Mapping(FTTM). MATEMATIKA, 2005, Jilid 21(1)
  • Detemining the Multi-Current Sources of Magnetoencephalography by using Fuzzy Topographic Topological Mapping. UiTM, 2006
  • Computer Assisted Diagnosis System (CADG) in Early Breast Cancer Detection. MOSTE, 2008
  • Developing the GUI for the Detection of Microcalcification. Dana Kecemerlangan, IRDC, still running
  • Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm on Mammographic Image Segmentation UiTM. MOSTE, still running
  • Pn Rohana Embong. Detection of Microcalcifications by using Fuzzy-Snake Algorithms in Mammogram Digital Images. Pengajian peringkat Doktor Falsafah secara separuh masa. Pengajian bermula bulan Julai 2007.
  • Mostafa Langarizadeh. Masses and Micro Calcifications Detection in Computed Radiography Images using Histogram Stretching Method. Pengajian peringkat PhD sepenuh masa mulai Jun 2006-2010
  • Siti Salmah Yasiran. Segmenting Microcalcifications using Enhanced Distance Active Contour. Pengajian peringkat Sarjana secara sepenuh masa mulai Jun 2008-2009
  • Abdul Kadir Jumaat. Comparison of GVF Snake and Balloon Model in Segmenting Breast Abnormalities on Ultrasound Images. Pengajian peringkat Sarjana secara sepenuh masa mulai April 2009-2010
  • Aminah Malek. Clustering Microcalcifications using Image Processing Techniques. Pengajian peringkat Sarjana secara sepenuh masa mulai April 2009-2011
  • Wan Ismail Afiq Wan Nor Azmi. Segmentating Microcalcifications in Full-Field Digital Mammogram using Wavelets. Pengajian peringkat Sarjana. 2012-
  • Nagham Mohammad Abdullah. Three Dimensional Assessment of the Maxilla and the Mandible. Pengajian peringkat Doktor Falsafah. 2012-
  • Anugerah PERSAMA Kategori Tesis PhD 2006. Persatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (PERSAMA), 6 Jun 2007
  • Most Promising Research Award. Universiti Malaya, Jun 2002
  • Khidmat Cemerlang. UiTM, 2007
  • Bronze Medal. Invention, Innovation and Design, IID 2010 Special Edition. Project entitled: MammoAssist
  • Silver Medal. Invention, Innovation and Design, IID 2010 Special Edition. Project entitled: Automatic Initial Seed Point for Region Growing using Mathematical Morphology
  • Gold Award. invention & Innovation Competition. Expo Science & Technology, 2001
  Profesonal Membership Life Member of PERSAMA
  Professional Activities/Contributions

Internal Examiner

Advisor for International Mathematical Modelling Competition

  Subjects taught

Dynamical Systems (masters level)

Partial Differential Equations (degree)

Mathematical Methods (degree)

Ordinary Differential Equations (degree)

Calculus I, II(degree)

Business Mathematics (diploma)

Vector Calculus (degree)

Advanced Mathematics

  Administrative experiences

Quantitative Coordinator

Final Year Project and Industrial Training Coordinator

Coordinator for MSc Applied Math Dissertation