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Programme Profile

The programme has the objectives of producing graduates:

  • who can demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals of Information Systems concept.
  • who are able to analyze, model requirements and constraints, develop, compare and evaluate designs of information systems on the basis of requirements of the organizational needs.
  • who are able to present creative solutions to technical and business problems using state-of-the art IT tools and appropriate information systems engineering methodology.
  • who can communicate ideas effectively in written and oral form.
  • who are able to work independently or in a team on projects.
  • who are able to practice ethical standards in professional work.
  • who are able to manage information in decision-making for life-long learning.
  • who are able to apply managerial entrepreneurship skills.
  • who are able to demonstrate leadership skills.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this programme may be employed as Software Engineers, Information System Engineers, Information System Officers, Programmers, System Designers, System Developers and IT Project Managers. There are also career opportunities in support areas such as Marketing, Sales, Management Consultancy and Systems Support.

Admission Requirements

1. A Diploma in Computer Science from UiTM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50
Credit in Mathematics at SPM level or its equivalent
2. Relevant Diploma from UiTM in Science and Technology (S&T) with a minimum CGPA of 2.00
Credit in Mathematics at SPM level or its equivalent
at least one (1) year working experience in relevant fields
3. Relevant Diploma in Computing Sciences / Science and Technologies (S&T) from other institutions which are recognized by the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 2.50
Credit in Mathematics at SPM level or its equivalent
4. Asasi UiTM / Asasi Sains UM / KPM Matriculation with a minimum CGPA of 2.00
Credit in Mathematics at SPM level or its equivalent
5. STPM or its equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.00
Grade C in any two (2) subjects
Credit in Additional Mathematics at SPM level or its equivalent
6. Pass MQA (Aptitude and Portfolio Assessment Test)
Age 21 years old and above
Seven (7) years working experiences in relevant fields
Pass interview at the faculty level

note: All applicants must pass MUET with minimum score of Band 2.

Plan of Study

Semester 1 Year 1
Co-Curriculum I, Islamic and Asian Civilization, Fundamentals of Computer Science, Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra I.

Semester 2 Year 1
Co-Curriculum II, Introduction to Management, Intermediate Financial Accounting and Reporting, Economics, Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to Data Communication and Networking, Fundamental of IS development.

Semester 3 Year 2
Co-Curriculum III, Third Language I, English for Academic Writing, Object-Oriented Requirement Analysis, Software Improvement, Fundamentals of Information Systems, Malaysian History, Operation Research.

Semester 4 Year 2
English for Oral Presentation, Third Language II, Object-Oriented Design & Implementation, Java Programming, Database Engineering, Elective I, Elective II.

Semester 5 Year 3
Third Language III, English for Report Writing, IT Projects Management, System Testing & Evolution, Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Framework, Project Formulation, Elective III.

Semester 6 Year 3
Ethical, Social & Professional Issues, Project, Elective IV, Elective V, English Exit Test (EET), Technology Entrepreneurship.

Semester 7 Year 4
Industrial Training

Elective Subjects
Introduction to Interactive Multimedia, Multimedia Technology and Applications, Introduction to E-Commerce, E-Commerce Application Development, Dynamic Web Application Development. Internet Programming I, Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis, Intelligent Systems Development.