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Programme Objective:

The programme has the following objectives:

  • To produce graduates who are able to apply fundamental statistical knowledge and technical skills in related field areas.
  • To produce graduates who possess and incorporate ethical values and professionalism in executing their responsibilities to serve the society.  
  • To produce graduates who communicate effectively, demonstrate good leadership skills and being a good team player in developing ideas and solutions related to statistical issues.
  • To produce graduates who manage information and utilize entrepreneurship skills for career development.

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Admission Requirements

Candidates must fulfil the UNIVERSITY GENERAL REQUIREMENTS and:

  1. Passed SPM or equivalent qualifications (recognized by the Government of Malaysia) with credits in the following subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Additional Science /Science
  • English


  • a pass in History (applicable for SPM 2013 onwards)


       2. Passed Pre-Diploma Science (PD008) from UiTM

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Course Outline

Semester 1 Year 1
Fundamental of Statistics, Calculus I, Fundamentals of Islam, Integrated Language Skills: Listening, Co-Curriculum I, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting

Semester 2 Year 1
Probability and Statistics, Calculus II, Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving, Islamic Thought & Civilization, Integrated Language Skills II: Reading, Co-Curriculum II

Semester 3 Year 2
Statistical Methods, Linear Algebra I, Science & Technology in Islam, Integrated Language Skills III: Writing, Co-Curriculum III, Introduction to Database Design, *Elective I

Semester 4 Year 2
Mathematical Logic and Proving Techniques, Fundamentals of Regression Analysis, Fundamentals of Research, Introduction to Time Series Forecasting, *Elective II

Semester 5 Year 3
Design and Analysis of Experiments, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Statistical Programming, Fundamental of Operational Research (Elective III)   *Elective IV

Tools for Quality Improvement, Interactive Multimedia, Digital Electronics, Introduction to Computer Security, Business Communication, Information System Development, Fundamentals of Finance, Introduction to International Business.  

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Job Opportunities

Diploma holders in Statistics can be employed as Junior Statistical Officers, Research Assistants, Junior Bank Officers, Junior Market Research Executives, Junior Quality Control Executives and Junior Executive Officers in public and private sectors, Assistant Officer in   Clinical Data, Teachers Mathematic, Cash Product and Transaction Banking, SPS Trainer, Demographer, Data Scientist Remiser.