Programme Description / Penerangan Program

UiTM is the first university in Malaysia to offer a degree program in Actuarial Science in 1996. Moreover, UiTM is the first public university in Malaysia to receive the highest number of exemptions (5 modules) for actuarial science professional papers from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), UK.

The program offers state-of-the-art teaching facilities such as Actuarial Resource Centre (ARC), smart classrooms, Big Data laboratories to provide students with a range of opportunities and exposures in charting their career paths effectively.  ARC is a dedicated centre that provides a conducive learning environment to students, equipped with actuarial materials and references related to professional examinations. Students will also have meaningful and impactful experiences in using various software applications such as MATLAB, MAPLE, SAS Software, and Phyton through the developments of mathematical and stochastic models in solving real life problems.

Entry Requirement/ Syarat Kemasukan

Further information, please contact:
Puan Aida Yuzi Yusof
Koordinator Sains Aktuari
Tel: 03-55435510


Course Detail / Perincian Kursus

Semester 1 Year 1
Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving, Islam and Asian Civilization, Language Enrichment, Co-Curriculum , Calculus II, Principle of Risk Management And Insurance, Mathematical Statistics I, Linear Algebra

Semester 2 Year 1
Mathematical Statistics, Fundamentals of Regression Analysis, Reading and Critical Thinking, Calculus III, Co-Curriculum II, Financial Management and Accounting, Financial Mathematics

Semester 3 Year 2
Co-Curriculum III, Economics, Marketing, Ethnic Relations, Third Language I, Advanced Financial Mathematics, Reading for Research, Actuarial Mathematics

Semester 4 Year 2
Report Writing, Actuarial Mathematics II, Stochastic Modelling for Actuarial Application, Third Language II, Risk Modelling, Actuarial Programming

Semester 5 Year 3
Fundamentals of Data Mining, Third Language III, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Pension Mathematics, Financial Economics I, Survival Models

Semester 6 Year 3
Project Paper, Actuarial Practice, Financial Economics II, Actuarial Management, Technology Entrepreneurship

Semester 7 Year 4
Industrial Training/Independent Study I and II

Job Opportunities / Peluang Pekerjaan

Students who enjoy mathematics, statistics, probability, finance and economics may find this program ideal. This program aims to produce highly competent graduates, who are well qualified and analytically capable in spanning their knowledge and skills in the areas of insurance, pensions, risk management, investment and finance.

Embedding the stochastic and risk models within the actuarial context, the graduates of this program will help the insurance sector on mortality investigations, determinations of interest rates, premium rates and surrender values, and also valuations of the assets and liabilities. The knowledge of financial analysis and reporting, will also help in risk and investment management.

Equipped with strong analytical and mathematical skills, this profession offers a rewarding and satisfying career, both intellectually and financially. The graduates from this program typically secure a job in a prominent and reputable organisation within the government and private sectors in Malaysia, such as insurance industry, actuarial consulting firms and banks. Some of them are also being hired by the multi-national corporations globally.

The program also prepares students for the professional examinations conducted by the professional actuarial bodies like Society of Actuaries, USA (SOA) and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK (IFoA).  Graduates with these professional qualifications are highly sought after by the industry globally.