Programme Description / Penerangan Program

Diploma in Statistics (known as CS111) is a one of its kind offered in Malaysia since 1974. This programme aims to produce graduates with fundamental and applied statistical knowledge in accordance with ethical standards and practices for lifelong learning. In addition, graduates produced are skilful in solving real-life problems using statistical approach and able to communicate the research findings. Graduates produced from this programme are hoped to attain effective interpersonal skills and cooperative teamwork with good leadership qualities.

The programme offers state-of-the-art teaching facilities such as smart classrooms and laboratories to qualify students to pursue a range of careers in industries.  Students will have meaningful experience in using various software applications such as SPSS, MINITAB and R-Programming and able to solve real life problems by using statistical models.

Entry Requirement / Syarat Kemasukan


Course Detail / Perincian Kursus

Course Outline

Semester 1 Year 1
Fundamental of Statistics, Calculus I, Fundamentals of Islam, Integrated Language Skills: Listening, Co-Curriculum I, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting

Semester 2 Year 1
Probability and Statistics, Calculus II, Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving, Islamic Thought & Civilization, Integrated Language Skills II: Reading, Co-Curriculum II

Semester 3 Year 2
Statistical Methods, Linear Algebra I, Science & Technology in Islam, Integrated Language Skills III: Writing, Co-Curriculum III, Introduction to Database Design, *Elective I

Semester 4 Year 2
Mathematical Logic and Proving Techniques, Fundamentals of Regression Analysis, Fundamentals of Research, Introduction to Time Series Forecasting, *Elective II

Semester 5 Year 3
Design and Analysis of Experiments, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Statistical Programming, Fundamental of Operational Research (Elective III)   *Elective IV

Tools for Quality Improvement, Interactive Multimedia, Digital Electronics, Introduction to Computer Security, Business Communication, Information System Development, Fundamentals of Finance, Introduction to International Business.  

Job Opportunities / Peluang Pekerjaan

Students will be developed into highly competent executives, who are well qualified not only in Education, Information Technology, Accounting, Economic, Banking and Finance, but also modern workplace and other professional areas, opening opportunities to work with Multinational Corporation and government agencies.

Graduates with high levels of mathematics and statistics can pursue as junior researcher, junior market analyst, junior risk analyst, junior business analyst, junior quality control executive and junior financial analyst which pay handsomely and rank highly in terms of opportunity and job satisfaction.

Graduates from this programme also have a long history of being accepted to some of the country’s best universities to pursue further studies in the same field or other professional degree programmes. The graduates are fundamentally equipped to specialize in studying different areas of statistics, including but not limited to: Pure Statistics, Applied Statistics, Decision Science, Big Data and Data Science.

The programme embraced and facilitated collaboration with Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). This mutually beneficial collaboration served the students, lecturers and both organizations, UiTM and DOSM, in providing certification, training, software with support, and producing ground-breaking research. The industry has also been known to assist in developing an industrial-driven curriculum.