The growth of HCI field has traversed across disciplines and technological aspects encompassing elements that are both tangible and intangible. It’s hard to exclude HCI from domains of Informatics, Internet of Everywhere, Quality of Life and others, more so with diverse range of users and possibilities. The marriage between HCI and various application domains has resulted into a variety of user requirements, needs and experience, converting to ever-changing conditions. In retrospect, we explore challenges in designing diversity across different HCI domains. In line with these transformations, i-USEr 2018 chose "Traverse to Diverse" as the theme for this conference.

Main tracks for the conference are as below. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

  • Design, User Experience and Usability
  • HCI and IT Infrastructure
  • HCI and e-Services / Industry 4.0
  • Urban Science and Mobility
  • Human-centered Computing
  • HCI for the Underserved
  • Technology and Adoption
  • Social and Collaborative Technologies
  • Digital Privacy and Security
  • Smart Monitoring in Physical Spaces
  • Emotions and Brain
  • HCI and Analytics
  • HCI and Domestic Technologies
  • HCI and Citizen Science

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